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The 35th Annual


Next Jogathon

 * April 28 2023 *



- Celebrating Ms. Bennett’s Jogathon -
"Pace, not Race!"

Eileen (Moore) Bennett (1956-2021)

Legendary Loma PE teacher Ms. Bennett (also known as Ms. Moore) founded the Loma Prieta Jogathon in 1988.  For 29 years, she poured her heart and soul into our school -- teaching Loma students the value of fitness, hard work, and sportsmanship. Ms. Bennett organized phenomenally successful and inspiring Jogathons; establishing traditions like student artwork on the Jogathon t-shirts, athlete speakers at the kickoff assembly, and bringing the entire mountain community together to celebrate the hard work of our children.  Through her dedication and cheerful persona, Ms. Bennett instilled the value of “Pace, not Race” into every child’s Jogathon experience - a value that thousands of alumni now carry forward throughout their lives.  This year, our students will be running in Ms. Bennett’s memory on our new track at Loma!

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The Bond Family, The Cassell Family, The Chen Family, The Hughmanick Family, The Gallagher-Reierson Family, The Rowland Family, The Secviar Family, The Wells Family

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Schedule & Lap Goals



 Gold Goal 

9 laps



 Gold Goal 

10 laps



 Gold Goal 

10 laps



 Gold Goal 

11 laps



 Gold Goal 

11 laps



 Gold Goal 

12 laps

Can parents attend the Jogathon? Can I bring family members?

Yes - parents and other family members can attend and cheer on participants from the track this year.


What time should I arrive and how long should I stay?

Many families come for the whole event or stay for about an hour to see their children warm up and run.  Please see the time chart above for the running times.  Each grade will be warming up about 20 minutes before their run time, providing lots of opportunities for parents to take fun photos of your child’s in their custom shirts.


What are the photography rules?

You are welcome to photograph your own children.  As always, do not post pictures of other people’s children at school on social media!  Loma HSC produces and sells a fun video with Jogathon images and music that is shown at the Jogathon awards assembly at the end of the year.  If you do NOT want your children to appear in any official Jogathon photography please indicate this on the registration form.


Can I sign out my older / younger children to come watch their siblings?

Yes, but please be sure to communicate with your child’s teacher.  Each class is typically outside to watch a few of the other grades run, but not all classes watch all grades.  Please officially sign out your student if you’d like to keep them out by the track after they have completed their laps.


What clothing should my child wear on Jogathon Day?

Comfortable running clothes like shorts or leggings.  They will receive their T-shirt at school on Jogathon morning.  Please put sunscreen on your child before they leave for school.


What are the rules and the lap goals?

Runners have 25 minutes to complete as many laps as possible.  A warning whistle sounds with 2 minutes left.  However, when the 25 minute horn blows, runners can complete their final lap (meaning, wherever they are on the track *exactly* when the final whistle blows, they can keep running until they reach the lap station for a final mark). Experienced runners find that the best Jogathon strategy is to run hard when they hear the 2 minute warning (e.g., if they can get even a few steps past the lap marking station when the final 25 minute horn blows, they are going to get an extra lap compared to any runners who are not quite at the lap station when the final horn blows). The “Gold Goals" by grade are listed above - each child that completes the "Gold Goal" for their grade will receive a gold medal, all other children that participate will receive a similar silver medal.


Can I run with my child?

YES!  As long as you can keep up with your child you are welcome to accompany them on a lap or two AFTER the first lap - especially if your child needs extra encouragement. 


How are laps counted?

This year, there will be circles with numbers on the BACK of each runner’s shirt.  As each runner completes a lap, they will need to pause briefly for our volunteer lap markers to stamp their shirts.  All runners need to go directly to their teachers as soon as they complete running to have their laps recorded.


What's up with the fire truck?

The fire truck blows its horns to start the runners, and sounds the warning and final horns.  At the end of the Jogathon, the 5th graders run into the center of the field to be sprayed by the fire hose.  This is a 5th grade tradition that kids look forward to their entire time at Loma!!  


What if my child doesn’t like running?

You will be amazed - we go above and beyond to make the Jogathon a super fun running experience!   There will be music, the school mascot, a fire truck blowing a horn, tons of fun signs and cheering participants!


Will there be food for sale?

Yes! We will have breakfast burritos and coffee for sale.


What is the max laps ever run?

17 laps is the school record! 


What are the t-shirt traditions?

Students submit artwork for the T-shirt contest about a month before the Jogathon. Teachers and staff vote on the first and second place winners, and the winners will be announced at the Jogathon kick-off assembly on April 22.  The first place artwork will printed on the front of the shirts and second place on the back.  Traditionally, students sign each other’s shirts with sharpies at the end of the Jogathon.

When will my child get their medal?

Medals are given out at the Jogathon Awards Assembly, which is near the end of the school year and includes viewing a fun Jogathon video!

Jogathon Nostalgia Gallery

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