Volunteer Opportunities!


Our school and the Home & School Club run on volunteers! We can't do it without the help of parents who are excited to participate in their children's education and activities. There are so many ways to get involved! (Even if you're a working parent without a lot of free time during school hours.)

Here are some of the ways you can help. If you're unsure about what a specific volunteer opportunity involves, just reach out via the email button below, and someone will get in touch with you to discuss it and help you find the perfect volunteer opportunity for you! Thanks for your interest in helping out! 

Room Parent - Each teacher needs a room parent to coordinate activities in the classroom and be the teacher's liaison with class parents. Contact your child's teacher if you're interested in being a room parent.
Here are some resources for current and potential room parents!

Classroom Volunteers - Teachers need classroom volunteers to help with activities, class parties, field trips, library, Art in Action, Project Cornerstone, and other jobs. The number and type of volunteers needed varies by teacher and grade. Contact your child's teacher or room parent if you're interested. 

Hot Lunch - We're lucky to have Choicelunch available Monday/Wednesday/Friday at Loma in 2019-2020! We need volunteers with one hour a week to spare to help serve lunch. Here's the info!

Yearbook - The Loma yearbook is created each year entirely by parent volunteers. Each class needs one or two volunteers to take pictures throughout the year and assemble the class page/s in the spring. This is a fun and creative volunteer activity that you can do at your own pace and mostly from home. Your room parent will get you the info in the fall. 

Home & School Club Events - The Home & School Club runs a number of events throughout the year, like the Boo Bash, Jogathon, family picnics, movie nights, and Teacher Spa Day. All of these events need parent volunteers. These are easy "one-and-done" volunteer opportunities great for parents who need to fit volunteering into a busy schedule. Contact the Home & School Club for info! You'll also get info on these events from your room parent. 

Home & School Club Board - The Home & School Club Board is responsible for managing Home & School Club events, fundraising, volunteers, and making sure that our kids have a great experience at Loma! Check out the Loma Home & School Club Handbook for the details on what we do. Many jobs can be done mostly on your own schedule without a large time commitment. If you're interested, contact the Home & School Club for info!