Italian Early Garlic

We like early garlic for the Santa Cruz Mountains because you can harvest it in May to make room for your summer crops.  There are variable head sizes with 9-11 cloves each (see picture, 4oz on the left and 8oz on right).

  • 4 oz bags are 3 smaller heads - which should be ~30 smaller mature plants
  • 8 oz bags are 3-4 bigger heads - which should be ~40 bigger mature plants 


PICKUP: Prepared bags are in the Loma garden UNDER the table just inside the gate.  Buy online and pickup whatever you bought at your leisure.


Description from Territorial Seed:  Early-season, Artichoke type. This mild variety originated in southern Italy and produces large heads of creamy, sumptuous garlic. True to its name, Early Red Italian cuts the waiting for delicious garlic for sauces, pestos and enjoying raw. The husky heads are wrapped in lightly marked, white wrappers.


Italian Early Garlic